Knowing More About Pachmarhi

The town of Pachmarhi lies in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is the most popular tourist spot among domestic tourists in the area. Many domestic travelers visit this hill station, especially residents of the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and West Bengal. There are rare medicinal plants that can be found here. Located at a height of 3555 feet above sea level, Pachmarhi is a huge tourist favorite during the summer holiday season especially during the festival of Diwali and New Year’s Eve.

This is a small town that is located at the tip of a lake. Established in 1972, the area is mostly under Pachmarhi Cantonment. Because the town is so small, there are no large shopping malls or large hotels that one would commonly see in cities. In fact, even though there are around 15 – 20 hotels located around the area; very few serve non vegetarian meals.


The shops and stores in the town sell knickknacks and small gift items like products made of jute, marble, wood etc. Their main clientele are the tourists that visit as well as the Army personnel. For the adventurous visitor, there are many activities to keep them busy. They can choose from trekking or hiking amongst the beautiful hills and forests that surround the town, Go Mountain biking or even try their hand at Para-gliding. Life need not be boring even if you are on a peaceful and relaxing vacation.

There are many famous hill stations in India like Shimla, Missouri amongst others and in comparison to them, Pachmarhi is relatively unknown. It still remains a hidden gem in Central India. This is due to the long distance from metropolitan cities and the long hours of travel that a visitor will need to take before reaching this place. There is a lack of railway connectivity which further hampers this place from being better known. However, this should be taken in a positive light.

Visitors should take the opportunity to discover this getaway before it grows too large. Other hill stations in India that have grown leaps and bounds due to the immense popularity have seen a change of landscape. Those who have lived there all their lives do not like the change. The once beautiful hills are now filled with colorful buildings that have eaten away at the greenery to house more people. Similarly, once the beauty of Pachmarhi is truly discovered, the landscape as the locals there know it will change dramatically. The relative inaccessibility makes it remain a diamond in the rough.


In fact, it only recently started coming into the news when certain leading personalities and politicians visited the hill station. This tourist retreat is home to much wildlife and lies within the Pachmarhi Biosphere Preserve which was created in 1999 so that two forest reserves would be linked. Also, Satpura National Park was included in it to create a larger wildlife conservation area. This Preserve also includes Dhupgarh which s the highest point in Central India.

While your best bet is to get your own car and drive around because of the freedom it gives you, you may also want to consider sharing a Gypsy. This is an excellent economic option for those looking to see the sights and leave the hill station without burning a hole in their pocket. Shared tours are not very common as the more obvious profit lies in the full rental of cars, so you will have to do your research if you’re looking to save. All in all, this is a beautiful place which should not be missed if you are in the area.


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