The Best Hotels to Stay in Pachmarhi

When we travel to new destinations for holiday and relaxation, the place where we decide to stay really matters. It can make the difference between having an awesome holiday or a miserable one. It does not necessarily need to be expensive or a five star one, even a comfortable cottage or inn run by friendly owners can do the trick. The town may be small, but there are ample hotels to stay in, keeping in considerations your requirements There are many hotels that do not serve non-vegetarian food, so if this an issue for you, there are many options to choose from. Being a small town, there are not big hotels that dominate the hotel industry, but rather small hotels that do their best to keep their customers happy. If you are travelling to Pachmarhi, here are some of the best recommended places to stay.



  • Misty Meadows

You have two options to choose from. The lawn facing rooms come highly recommended rather than opting for the road facing ones. It is located close to the market so if you need anything, you’re just a few minutes’ walk from purchasing what you need. The staff is friendly and will go out of their way to ensure that your stay is comfortable. If required, they can arrange taxis or car rentals for their guests to sightsee around the area. The rooms are priced higher than their competition, but you will not come away disappointed. The only downside is that they don’t serve non-vegetarian food and you may find their dishes on the spicy side.

  • Welcome Heritage Golf View

The hotel is located amidst sprawling grounds and abundant greenery which will provide a welcome relief to a city’s concrete jungle. The restaurant as well as the cottage which houses the office was built during British occupation of India and reflects the type of architecture and style preferred then.  Little cottages overlook the garden with high ceilings that allow the air to circulate within the rooms, keeping it fresh. What makes this hotel unique is that the meals are served outdoors under the protection of the trees in a small clearing which gives a wonderful experience to all guests. The only drawback to the hotel is they don’t serve non vegetarian food (even eggs) and the wifi only works in the lobby. However, this is a great prompt for people to leave their connected worlds behind and truly bond with nature.

  • Satpura Retreat

With a complimentary breakfast, this quaint hotel truly tries to make you feel welcome. Originally an old English bungalow, it was converted into the present hotel and guest house. There are six big old styled rooms with a beautiful garden and a well maintained lawn which offers pleasant views. With a cooperative and friendly staff, Satpura Retreat offers a calm and peaceful ambience that truly makes you feel like you turned back time. The six rooms come priced at a very affordable rate which will make your holiday that much better.


  • Rock-End Manor

This place comes highly recommended by various guests and travelers. With heritage like rooms, this hotel provides excellent locations for avid bird watchers. The staff is very friendly and if you will be missing lunch because of your travels, the staff will pack your food for your trip, at their own suggestion. Located a distance away from the bustling town of Pachmarhi, it is situated atop a hillock which offers a vantage point of the surrounding area. This hotel will give you a feel for Indian History and if you feel you need a break from the sightseeing, you are welcome to read one of the many books from the bookshelf near the reception.


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