Festivals Celebrated at Pachmarhi

Mahashivratri Mela is one of the biggest festivals that is celebrated in Pachmarhi. Though Pachmarhi Utsav is also one of the festivals that are celebrated in huge but the main festival considered is mahashivratri. This festival is celebrated in the month of February but the fare (mela) is held from Feb to march in order to celebrate the wedding of lord shiva and Parvathi. Worshippers visit the Mahadeo temple in order to celebrate this festival with enthusiasm. Many visitors carry the trident to the top of the chauragarh hill. This is one of the biggest festivals that are celebrated here.


Another festival that is celebrated here is Pachmarhi Utsav. This is a six-day festival and held every year. The event begins from December 25 and ends on 31st of dec. This festival features a good amount of enlightening programs and art performances. In Pachmarhi, you will see many exhibitions getting organized within some periods, in order to promote the culture and heritage of the country. These programs include the folk arts from all over the country and other art related performances. Some cultural events are organized everyday evenings from 25th dec to 31st dec. the artists from all over the county arrive and give their performance. National and international programs are also held in Pachmarhi.

You will find several arts and cultural related stalls here from which you can order and purchase the items of your choice. Since Pachmarhi is a small place, these programs are held so that to attract the visitors and share the culture of Pachmarhi and also the nation. You will find many stalls selling sarees, dress materials, bamboo crafts, carpets and woolen products as well. You will see people serving papads, pickles, sauces, baris etc that ads more taste to the trip.

Mahashiratri mela festivals are held at Mahadev temples in Pachmarhi, which is also the highest point of Madhya Pradesh. Pachmarhi is situated at 195kms of distance from the capital of Madhya Pradesh. You will also see many weapons of lord shiva carried by the people so that they can be served to the Mahadev temple.


How to Reach:

Pachmarhi is a small place and it is managed by the administration of Madhya Pradesh. If you want to reach this place the best way is to reach the nearby village named as pipariya. If you are coming by train, you must remember that pipariya is on the rail line from itarsi to Jabalpur or vice versa. It takes around 1 hour from itarsi and 2 hours from Jabalpur to reach Pachmarhi. If you want to reach via flight then you will have to come to Bhopal via flight and after that, you can either hire a private taxi or a bus in order to reach here. From Bhopal, Pachmarhi is around 210 km via road.

You can each Pachmarhi via Nagpur as well. You can easily get the Maharashtra luxury 2X2 bus which takes around 8 hours to reach Pachmarhi.

There are many places that you will love to see in Pachmarhi.


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