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What is the best way to see the place?

Driving your own vehicle gives you the freedom to decide where you want to go, which spots you want to see and when you want to see them. If you are not comfortable driving your own vehicle, you can even rent a Gypsy over there. As the roads are quite curvy, you can save yourself the headache of driving and rent a taxi for the day.

What are the different places a traveler can sight see in Pachmarhi?

There are many tourist sightseeing spots in this area. The Satpura Tiger Reserve is a place where a visitor can get the chance to spot one of the 40 tigers in the reserve, a leopard or two along with monkeys, sloth bears and Indian gaurs. Of course, you cannot leave without visiting the famed caves which are home to cave paintings which date back 10,000 years. You can also visit the Duchess Falls which offers a vantage point as well as a small crystal clear pool. Many of the falls in the region have small bathing pools which are used by people to cool off.

When is the best time to travel there?

There are advantages to travel there in various seasons of the year. The summer months prove to be the most popular season as many visitors travel there to escape the summer heat in the lower altitudes. However, the monsoon months as well as the winter months each have their own charm. If you don’t mind the clouds and the rain or the frost, you can go there in months from August – February.

What is the meaning of the name Pachmarhi?

The word is derived from the five caves that were excavated by the five Pandava brothers. Pach is taken from ‘Panch’ meaning five and ‘Marhi’ meaning caves. This literal translation gives rise to the town’s name.

What is the legend behind the name?

As legend goes, the five Pandava brothers came upon this place during their twelve years of exile. They carved out five shelters from themselves from the sandstone in the hills to make cave shelters which can be found there today. The brothers are featured in the ancient Sanskrit epic, ‘the Mahabharata’ and this holds great importance for followers of the Hindu faith.

What makes Pachmarhi such a tourist hotspot?

The cooler weather is definitely a huge added plus point. In addition to this, the area is part of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve which was added to the list by UNESCO in May 2009. The region is surrounded by green forests, cascading waterfalls, babbling brooks, clear streams, abundant wildlife and did I mention the amazing flora and fauna?

Where is Pachmarhi?

Pachmarhi is a hill station located in the Hoshangabad District of the state of Madhya Pradesh. This is located in Central India. It is a very popular tourist retreat because of the cooler weather. This is because it sits at a height of over 1000 meters above sea level.  This is the highest point in the region.