I live in Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India. People come from all over in search of fame and fortune, but rarely does the majority find any. I work in a bank in Churchgate and the daily commute, the long work hours and the busy city life were getting to me after a while. At some point, everyone needs a break and this was one time when I felt I needed a long overdue vacation. I called up a few friends and we made a plan to head off somewhere for a week.

The question was where. Goa was overdone and we wanted to get out of the city. Its humid climate was something I wanted to get away from. We were stuck searching for tourist places, until someone mentioned Pachmarhi. I had honestly never heard of the place, but the more I read up on that town, the more I liked.

Being a hill station, it would cooler, minus the humidity and the people. It sounded like the perfect getaway; just the drive there would take long. We were also somewhat on a budget. We wanted to have a good holiday and we didn’t mind spending, but by no means were we extremely well off. Instead of taking the flight to Bhopal, we decided to take the overnight train from Mumbai to Piparya. It was only 50 kms from Pipariya to Pachmarhi and we decided to rent a car at Pipariya.


We stayed at a beautiful cottage which was a restored colonial era home and it just felt like we had stepped back in time. The architecture, the furniture and the place made us feel like we stepped into a storybook of sorts. When you come from a city, it really does come like a breath of fresh air. The air was cooler and to our minds, it seemed fresher somehow. We didn’t stay in the town itself because we knew every other tourist would probably be there. To avoid the crowds, we decided to stay at Rock-End Manor and this was a great decision that we made.

Located a slight distance away from the town, we had a vantage point of the town as well as the surrounding areas. We saw spectacular sunsets setting over lush green forests which had wisps of fog embracing the edges from time to time. We went for hikes and managed to capture amazing pictures. By no means were we great photographers, but somehow the place lends itself to be beautifully captured in a frame.

We had to watch out for the monkeys there. They’re quite the little rascals and they will happily snatch anything that catches their eye. That’s one thing you have to be careful about because they have teeth which they are not afraid to use. We did visit the cave shelters which are so famous and looked at the cave paintings as well. This place has so much heritage and culture ingrained even within the land itself, that it is impossible not to love it. It is definitely a place we would visit again.