The Best Hotels to Stay in Pachmarhi

When we travel to new destinations for holiday and relaxation, the place where we decide to stay really matters. It can make the difference between having an awesome holiday or a miserable one. It does not necessarily need to be expensive or a five star one, even a comfortable cottage or inn run by friendly owners can do the trick. The town may be small, but there are ample hotels to stay in, keeping in considerations your requirements There are many hotels that do not serve non-vegetarian food, so if this an issue for you, there are many options to choose from. Being a small town, there are not big hotels that dominate the hotel industry, but rather small hotels that do their best to keep their customers happy. If you are travelling to Pachmarhi, here are some of the best recommended places to stay.



  • Misty Meadows

You have two options to choose from. The lawn facing rooms come highly recommended rather than opting for the road facing ones. It is located close to the market so if you need anything, you’re just a few minutes’ walk from purchasing what you need. The staff is friendly and will go out of their way to ensure that your stay is comfortable. If required, they can arrange taxis or car rentals for their guests to sightsee around the area. The rooms are priced higher than their competition, but you will not come away disappointed. The only downside is that they don’t serve non-vegetarian food and you may find their dishes on the spicy side.

  • Welcome Heritage Golf View

The hotel is located amidst sprawling grounds and abundant greenery which will provide a welcome relief to a city’s concrete jungle. The restaurant as well as the cottage which houses the office was built during British occupation of India and reflects the type of architecture and style preferred then.  Little cottages overlook the garden with high ceilings that allow the air to circulate within the rooms, keeping it fresh. What makes this hotel unique is that the meals are served outdoors under the protection of the trees in a small clearing which gives a wonderful experience to all guests. The only drawback to the hotel is they don’t serve non vegetarian food (even eggs) and the wifi only works in the lobby. However, this is a great prompt for people to leave their connected worlds behind and truly bond with nature.

  • Satpura Retreat

With a complimentary breakfast, this quaint hotel truly tries to make you feel welcome. Originally an old English bungalow, it was converted into the present hotel and guest house. There are six big old styled rooms with a beautiful garden and a well maintained lawn which offers pleasant views. With a cooperative and friendly staff, Satpura Retreat offers a calm and peaceful ambience that truly makes you feel like you turned back time. The six rooms come priced at a very affordable rate which will make your holiday that much better.


  • Rock-End Manor

This place comes highly recommended by various guests and travelers. With heritage like rooms, this hotel provides excellent locations for avid bird watchers. The staff is very friendly and if you will be missing lunch because of your travels, the staff will pack your food for your trip, at their own suggestion. Located a distance away from the bustling town of Pachmarhi, it is situated atop a hillock which offers a vantage point of the surrounding area. This hotel will give you a feel for Indian History and if you feel you need a break from the sightseeing, you are welcome to read one of the many books from the bookshelf near the reception.

The Tale Behind The Name – Pachmarhi

The town of Pachmarhi is nestled amongst the Satpura range in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Located in Central India, this hill station enjoys a cooler climate than its surrounding low lying areas because of its elevation. However, as beautiful and breathtaking as the place is, what makes it truly fascinating is the tale behind the name.

To start off the story, you must be slightly acquainted with Indian mythology. There are two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India – the Mahabharata, which we will be looking into right now, and the Ramayana. The Mahabharata revolves around the fates of the Kaurava and Pandava princes. The Kaurava princes come from the line of the blind king Dhritarashtra and the Pandava princes come from the line of Pandu, the pale and unhealthy king. Both are half brothers, sharing the same father.


The princes of both factions are bitter rivals and their enmity which carries on from the youth to adulthood causes the Kurukshetra War. After losing a loaded dice game to the Kauravas, the five Pandava brothers are forced to go into exile for 12 years. This is where Pachmarhi comes in.

As legend goes, the five Pandava brothers visited the area of Pachmarhi during their twelve years of exile. They obviously needed a place to stay and not being simple people who would be satisfied with a simply made hut, they carved out five caves as their shelter. In this case, the name Pachmarhi is derived from ‘Pach’ Five and ‘Marhi’ meaning caves in Hindi.

These caves were excavated from the sandstone hills surrounding Pachmarhi and were used as their shelter. These caves still exist to this day and have become a major tourist attraction. Although many scholars may argue that these caves are truly the creation of the Pandava brothers, most geologists state that these caves are much older than that. The caves are thought to have been in existence long before the Mahabharata Era came into being.

The story behind the caves themselves brings curious travelers by the bus load. However, it is the artistic treasures that lie within that prove to be an equally big draw for many. There are many depictions and cave paintings that date back thousands of years. Human and animal figures are shown on the cave walls showing the typical dress and depictions of various battle scenes.


There is a lot to Pachmarhi than meets the eye. It’s natural beauty and elevated location, in conjunction with the legend has helped in bolstering the tourism for the town. The town itself became more popular after a ‘discovery’ by Captain Forsyth in 1857. It was put on the map when it was converted into a base for the soldiers of the Central Province.

It is famous for many things – natural waterfalls that cascade merrily from bubbling streams, clear rivulets that merrily dance their way downwards, enticing people hot and bothered from a scorching sun to bathe in the cool waters, lush green forests that fill the land around with life and stunning vistas that enchant the heart.

Visitors may have to take a rather lengthy route to get there, but in this case, the wait will be worth the time and effort. You may have to travel for hours on end, either driving down dusty roads or enduring the bus ride over bumpy roads. When you do reach Pachmarhi, it will feel like the haven after the journey. So if you are ever in the area of the Central Provinces, it may be a good idea to take a break and head for cooler climes without having to traverse though the country.

Pachmarhi – The Queen of Satpura

This is a quaint hill station nestled in the state of Madhya Pradesh which is in Central India. It is located amidst the Satpura range and has also been the location of the Pachmarhi cantonment ever since British rule in India. It is popularly known as ‘Satpura ki Rani’ which translates to Queen of Satpura as it sits atop a valley in the Satpura range at a height of 1100 m.

The origin of the name seems to have been derived from the Hindi words ‘Panch’ meaning five and ‘Marhi’ meaning caves. The legend goes that the five Pandava brothers built those caves during their fourteen year exile. The caves offer a great vantage point to those who take shelter within.


Although the area was already populated during the reign of King Bhawut Singh, it was developed into a hill station and a sanatorium for the British troops stationed in the Central Provinces of India after being spotted by Captain James Forsyth. He realized the importance and appeal of the place while leading his troops to Jhansi in 1857.

Pachmarhi had a population of 3,020 at the turn of the century in 1901. During summer, when the weather became unbearably hot in the Central Provinces, the population doubled. This place also served as the summer capital for the Central Provinces. This place is mostly an army town, with most of the 10,000 current residents either serving the Indian army or are connected to it.

It is a popular tourist destination for those who are looking to escape the extreme temperatures which affect the plain. The higher location and the cooler temperatures act as a great draw for people of the surrounding area. Although summer is a busy time, tourists visit this hill station anytime throughout the whole year. The lush greenery and the rich flora and fauna are also big draws for those looking to get away from the bustling city life. People looking to experience nature escape to Pachmarhi.

When it comes to wildlife, there is much to see. There have been many tiger, panther, and leopard sightings on the outskirts of the town. There are also many large mammals that call this place home. You can see chital deer, muntjac deer, sambar deer, rhesus macaques, wild boar and gaur. There are also flying squirrels, the Indian wolf, bison, giant Indian squirrels, chinkara, wild dogs and nilgai to keep you company.

If you are not a fan of snakes, you may be advised to keep clear of the forests. Because the area enjoys an annual precipitation of 2 meters, many creatures are encouraged to thrive. It has been reported that there are approximately 31 species of the certain snake families like Boidae, Colubridae, Elapidae, Uropeltidae, Typhlopidea and Viperidae.


People with a sweet tooth can also indulge themselves on the rich harvest of fruits that are grown in this region during the summer season. Feast on sweet mangoes, custard fruit, jamun and other lesser known local fruits. There are many medicinal plants and herbs that can be found in the forest.

If you are planning to travel to Pachmarhi, you will have to drive there from Bhopal, Chinndwara, Indore and Jabalpur. You can take a flight to any of the above mentioned cities from your point of residence. If you don’t like driving, you can opt to take a bus. There are local as well as private buses that can take from 5 – 11 hours, depending from your point of departure.  The buses will meander through various towns as you travel to Pachmarhi. You can even take the train to Pipariya.

Tour Companies To Help You Plan Your Pachmarhi Holiday

There are many tour companies that will advertise their services to you. However, you have to be careful in selecting which company you finally want to go sightseeing with. There are many factors that go into consideration like your budget, the length of your holiday, the season and the amount of people travelling. As with many tour companies, if the number of people in your group is large, your trip may work out to be cheaper.

This is because mini vans or buses can be rented out, and with the cost being split amongst a larger number of people, the cost lessens considerably. The time of the year that you decide to visit also matters. This is because the prices of accommodation and travel can double up from non-season to peak season. Here are some of the tour companies operating in Pachmarhi.

Pachmarhi, City Tour_473

This is a government run organization that plans package tours for people planning to visit Pachmarhi. You can decide upon the package you are looking for. The Itinerary of the tour will be clearly detailed on the website, so you know exactly what you are getting when you pay for the package deal. You will be picked up from Pipariya (where the railway station is located) and checked into your hotel in Pachmarhi. There are various sightseeing spots that you will be taken to. The only things not included will be your flight or rail tickets to Pipariya and other extra incidentals and food. Being a government run service, it may be more reliable.

When it comes to traveling in this region, many people seem to have chosen this agency. Perhaps it’s how you can custom your own trip and decide the type of budget you are willing to spend on your trip and staying accordingly. You can choose from a shorter package deal with a 2N/3D program or you can even have a 4N/5D program. Most of the scenery and sightseeing spots in and around Pachmarhi can be seen within 2 days, so if you go for a lengthier holiday, you can really see things at your leisure. There are many things to do and see here, and this travel agency should be able to help you make your holiday memorable.

apsara vihar 4

This is the official railway agency in India from where you can book your train tickets. It has expanded from only travel to also catering to the tourism segment.  Choose from the number of people traveling to get a good deal. Being government run, you will be staying in government run hotels and accommodation which should leave you with a bit more spend later. This will be an affordable choice for travelers who want to get the best out of their holiday, without compromising on quality. However, don’t expect any first class or five star hotels.

Competing against local and government run agencies comes this group. You can make out the difference in the approach to planning your holiday from the moment you click on their website link. Well presented and detailed, you have a good idea of your trip’s itinerary. It is well explained and the descriptions almost evoke a sense of being there. Their quotes are clear and you can choose your plan according to your budget. The great thing about this is that you will know where you are staying from the get go as everything is clearly given on the website. This way you can research the hotel to find out for yourself if this is the place for you.

Knowing More About Pachmarhi

The town of Pachmarhi lies in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is the most popular tourist spot among domestic tourists in the area. Many domestic travelers visit this hill station, especially residents of the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and West Bengal. There are rare medicinal plants that can be found here. Located at a height of 3555 feet above sea level, Pachmarhi is a huge tourist favorite during the summer holiday season especially during the festival of Diwali and New Year’s Eve.

This is a small town that is located at the tip of a lake. Established in 1972, the area is mostly under Pachmarhi Cantonment. Because the town is so small, there are no large shopping malls or large hotels that one would commonly see in cities. In fact, even though there are around 15 – 20 hotels located around the area; very few serve non vegetarian meals.


The shops and stores in the town sell knickknacks and small gift items like products made of jute, marble, wood etc. Their main clientele are the tourists that visit as well as the Army personnel. For the adventurous visitor, there are many activities to keep them busy. They can choose from trekking or hiking amongst the beautiful hills and forests that surround the town, Go Mountain biking or even try their hand at Para-gliding. Life need not be boring even if you are on a peaceful and relaxing vacation.

There are many famous hill stations in India like Shimla, Missouri amongst others and in comparison to them, Pachmarhi is relatively unknown. It still remains a hidden gem in Central India. This is due to the long distance from metropolitan cities and the long hours of travel that a visitor will need to take before reaching this place. There is a lack of railway connectivity which further hampers this place from being better known. However, this should be taken in a positive light.

Visitors should take the opportunity to discover this getaway before it grows too large. Other hill stations in India that have grown leaps and bounds due to the immense popularity have seen a change of landscape. Those who have lived there all their lives do not like the change. The once beautiful hills are now filled with colorful buildings that have eaten away at the greenery to house more people. Similarly, once the beauty of Pachmarhi is truly discovered, the landscape as the locals there know it will change dramatically. The relative inaccessibility makes it remain a diamond in the rough.


In fact, it only recently started coming into the news when certain leading personalities and politicians visited the hill station. This tourist retreat is home to much wildlife and lies within the Pachmarhi Biosphere Preserve which was created in 1999 so that two forest reserves would be linked. Also, Satpura National Park was included in it to create a larger wildlife conservation area. This Preserve also includes Dhupgarh which s the highest point in Central India.

While your best bet is to get your own car and drive around because of the freedom it gives you, you may also want to consider sharing a Gypsy. This is an excellent economic option for those looking to see the sights and leave the hill station without burning a hole in their pocket. Shared tours are not very common as the more obvious profit lies in the full rental of cars, so you will have to do your research if you’re looking to save. All in all, this is a beautiful place which should not be missed if you are in the area.

Festivals Celebrated at Pachmarhi

Mahashivratri Mela is one of the biggest festivals that is celebrated in Pachmarhi. Though Pachmarhi Utsav is also one of the festivals that are celebrated in huge but the main festival considered is mahashivratri. This festival is celebrated in the month of February but the fare (mela) is held from Feb to march in order to celebrate the wedding of lord shiva and Parvathi. Worshippers visit the Mahadeo temple in order to celebrate this festival with enthusiasm. Many visitors carry the trident to the top of the chauragarh hill. This is one of the biggest festivals that are celebrated here.


Another festival that is celebrated here is Pachmarhi Utsav. This is a six-day festival and held every year. The event begins from December 25 and ends on 31st of dec. This festival features a good amount of enlightening programs and art performances. In Pachmarhi, you will see many exhibitions getting organized within some periods, in order to promote the culture and heritage of the country. These programs include the folk arts from all over the country and other art related performances. Some cultural events are organized everyday evenings from 25th dec to 31st dec. the artists from all over the county arrive and give their performance. National and international programs are also held in Pachmarhi.

You will find several arts and cultural related stalls here from which you can order and purchase the items of your choice. Since Pachmarhi is a small place, these programs are held so that to attract the visitors and share the culture of Pachmarhi and also the nation. You will find many stalls selling sarees, dress materials, bamboo crafts, carpets and woolen products as well. You will see people serving papads, pickles, sauces, baris etc that ads more taste to the trip.

Mahashiratri mela festivals are held at Mahadev temples in Pachmarhi, which is also the highest point of Madhya Pradesh. Pachmarhi is situated at 195kms of distance from the capital of Madhya Pradesh. You will also see many weapons of lord shiva carried by the people so that they can be served to the Mahadev temple.


How to Reach:

Pachmarhi is a small place and it is managed by the administration of Madhya Pradesh. If you want to reach this place the best way is to reach the nearby village named as pipariya. If you are coming by train, you must remember that pipariya is on the rail line from itarsi to Jabalpur or vice versa. It takes around 1 hour from itarsi and 2 hours from Jabalpur to reach Pachmarhi. If you want to reach via flight then you will have to come to Bhopal via flight and after that, you can either hire a private taxi or a bus in order to reach here. From Bhopal, Pachmarhi is around 210 km via road.

You can each Pachmarhi via Nagpur as well. You can easily get the Maharashtra luxury 2X2 bus which takes around 8 hours to reach Pachmarhi.

There are many places that you will love to see in Pachmarhi.

Tiger Sanctuary of Pachmari

In the event that you are fed up of swarmed untamed life asylums, National Park is the one stop destination for the lovers of wild animals .It is a hub of wildlife lovers and a must visit place for them.  to experience the magical experience of the quiet wilderness, far from hustle and clamor of the city , excellent uneven territories, profound chasms, rivulets, untouched backwoods areas and so on . Tiger Sanctuary of pachmari is sustained in the Satpura Ranges of Hoshangabad region in Madhya Pradesh. Its ultimate uniqueness distinguishes it from the rest of the tiger reservoirs in India. Here one can do jeep safari, elephant safari, strolling safari and pontoon safari.

The Tiger sanctuary  includes Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and the wildlife sanctuary of Panchmari.While Bori is the most ancient  forest reserve in India and Panchmari proudly boasts itself to be the sole hill station of Central part of India. If you are an extremely religious soul and an ardent worshipper of Lord Shiva , than panchmari is the must visit place for you .


Guide to reach the tiger reserve of Panchmari:

It is an awesome spot to be unified with nature, to simply inhale wilderness air.Satpura Tiger Reserve represents the ultimate and supreme form of mothernature. It is not shocking that the recreation center has one of the biggest natural life densities in India.

It is in Central locale of Madhya Pradesh, spread over Satpura ranges. By Flight: There are 02 vital airplane terminals for achieving  Tiger Reserve of Panchmari .The closest one is Bhopal Airport   following is Jabalpur Airport . Both the airplane terminals have non-stop flight network with Delhi and Mumbai and are effectively utilized by visitors. There  are numerous approaches to reach  Tiger Sanctuary of Panchmari via train transportation including  Sohagpur , Pipariya  etc.


The Bori-Satpura Tiger Reserve is famous as the home of the tiger and its fundamental prey species, gaur, and sambar. Chital, chousingha and  likewise exist here. There is a genuinely decent risk that you may run over the bashful and subtle yapping deer while driving through the timberland. In spite of the fact that around 50 warm-blooded animals and 30 reptile species are accepted to possess the recreation center, sightings are not abundant here. A number of the animal groups are nighttime and may not be seen. What’s more, a few different species are for the most part seen in brief looks, as they are modest and watchful and not used to people. A visit may yield sightings of the Rhesus macaque, langur etc. Panthers and wolves additionally slink the recreation center and the sloth bear is known to be a regular inhabitant of the locales. Wild pooches might be found in packs and can chase prey twice their own size. The palm civet and the little Indian civet are generally nighttime, little, ground creatures .


Some tips to visit Panchmel Sanctuary:

  • It is prudent to wear garments in impartial hues, for example, khaki or olive-green, in order to be disguised in the surroundings and not startle the creatures.
  • You should not carry any kind of weapons in the forest .

Do’s and Don’ts of Visiting Pachmarhi

If you are a local, you will know the best places to go and the best places to eat where you won’t have to worry about an upset stomach. After all, that will definitely be the one thing that could ruin your holiday. However, if you’re visiting from out of town, there are certain Do’s and Don’ts that you must follow to make sure that you have a safe yet enjoyable holiday.


  • You should definitely bring a change of clothes if you are planning to visit the falls. They are a beautiful sight and may be a day trip for you, but it is guaranteed that you will get drenched even if you have no plans of wading into the bathing pools. The moisture and force of the spray of water can leave your clothes damp which may be uncomfortable.
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Go for a boat ride and enjoy the change of pace and mode of transport.
  • If you are planning to head to Chauragarh, make sure that you are carrying enough food and water for you and your companions. This is a prominent landmark of Satpura and is located 4 kms from Mahadeo. You will find the summit crowned with many emblems of Mahadeo worship. This place may not have ample reliable food and water sources and it is better to be safe rather than sorry.
  • Keep in mind that Pachmarhi is famous for its Honey and Ayurvedic Medicines. If you know anyone who will appreciate those products are gifts or you would like to stock up for yourself, this is the best place to buy.
  • There are many eating joints that come recommended. If you are planning a short trip, there will be no need to pack any food. Instead, sample the typical Guajarati, Maharashtrian or Jain cuisines many restaurants have on their menu. The food will be affordable yet tasty. If you are unsure of any restaurants, do check up online to read up reviews. It may turn out that your palate isn’t used to the fare served. Remember, what’s good for the locals may not necessarily agree with you.
  • Beverages are available everywhere and it is recommended to drink only bottled water. Do not attempt to drink from flowing streams no matter how clear you think the water may be.

amarkantak (1)

  • If you want to have an alcoholic drink, there are many bars scattered all over the place from where you can purchase alcohol. It is also recommended that you don’t go alone if you are not from the area.
  • When you are planning to stay the night, do your research. There are many hotels in the area, especially in the market place where you will find one every 50 meters or so. There are hotels run by the Department of Tourism (part of the govt. of Madhya Pradesh). If you don’t fancy government run accommodation, you can always opt for one of the various private resorts or cottage/hotel facilities available in the area.
  • You may be advised to carry cash with you as there are only 2 ATMs there which may run out in the tourist season. Also, many establishments may not have the facility to accept credit cards.

That being said if you are carrying cash, try not to keep it all in one place. Spread it around so nobody around you gets the impression that you have a lot of money on your persona s it could prove to be a temptation for unsavory characters.

Food AtPachmarhi- A Real Treat For Foodies

Food is an important part when you plan to go out for tripping. A good and hygienic food makes you fit and fine even when are outside the home and have to eat from outside. Food at Pachmarhi is one of the best Gujarati food. The arrangements that are provided at Pachmarhi are marvelous. The food is very hygienic and the taste of the food is best at Pachmarhi. It is not a big restaurant but it serves a great thali. Pachmarhi offers quite a lot of choices for food. Pachmarhi also serves the Gujarati, Maharashtrian food and also Jain food too. You can delight these indigenous delicacies here. It is the most reliable and rich system in terms of food. They offer the food such as Dal Bafla, special Biryani, delicious Kebabs, the special variety of Bhutte ki Kees, Korma, simple Poha, Rogan Josh, tasty Jalebi, many types of Ladoos and also drinks like Lassi and the favorite of almost all the Sugarcane Juice. Also, the seating arrangements are very nice and they also provide open seating arrangement too.


Confined Food and Food of Pachmarhi:

Pachmarhi is very specialized in making the Jain food. There are countless restaurants and food joints at Pachmarhi which offers delightful food. Many of the restaurants in Pachmarhi obliges the flawlessly flavored Chinese food, Continental food and also the Indian food too. So, you don’t have to worry about your choice in Pachmarhi if you are here for any trip to this amazing hill station. Lots of the eateries concentrate in Maharashtrian, Jainism and also very special Gujarati thalis. Therefore, this organization is very much liked by all the visitors which are tourists to this place. Those who are very foody they especially like the food at Pachmarhi as this food is very delicious and the special thalis that are made provide you with a homely environment too.


Eating out food in Pachmarhi:

There are many of the places for the food when you plan to go out but Pachmarhi is one of the best places to choose in all the aspect. Eating out food in Pachmarhi is all about relishing traditional and cultured Gujarati’s food, Maharashtrian as well as Jain food. The food is freshly cooked by the chefs on the order. The quality of food is better than the other places and all types of food as per your requirement is available in the Pachmarhi.



Is the food is affordable?

When you plan a trip you do not really know about the food that will be provided to you in that place and when you reach that place you will actually get to know about the quality and budget of the food. This question automatically arises in everybody’s mind that is this restaurant affordable or not? The answer for this is simple. This will totally depend on your choice that what kind of food you are ordering. As the rates at Pachmarhi are not so high but it totally depends on your choice of food.

Enjoyment to the fullest: Recreation at Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is a famous hill station located at the heart of Madhya Pradesh.When you think of Pachmarhi, you may think of a place with lots of waterfalls, natural caves and natural viewpoints. But Pachmarhi is a lot more than just a hill station. If you are fond of recreational activities, you will have a great time here!  The place is studded with many parks, treks and resorts where you can spend quality time with your family. Here are some of the activities you can do when you are at Pachmarhi.


Pachmarhi hides a great forest area within itself. Many areas in the forest are untouched from outside tourists.  Therefore, you can get a great opportunity to enjoy the environment of jungle while camping in these areas. You can find many agencies online, which can arrange camping at many sites in Pachmarhi, for you. They provide you options to stay in tents or nearby hotels. During day time you can wonder on the treks to learn and observe the various elements of forest. It is always preferable to hire a local guide or coach, for this type of activity. There are many off-road treks which are heaven for adventure lovers. At night time, you can light a camp fire and have a meal under the sky. You will be amazed to see the sky studded with stars like never before! Bubbling sound of water, cool breeze and sounds of birds complete the ambience of the jungle!



Pachmarhi is a paradise for trekkers. Rich uneven geography presents challenges to even the most experienced trekker! Every year, winter training camps and mountaineer camps are arranged in this area where you can learn the skills for trekking!You can never be sure what surprise may lie ahead when you are trekking at Pachmarhi. You may reach to a fall like RajatPrapat or you may find paintings on the walls of Maradeo Hills! These paintings depict the saga of ancient people living in these caves. They describe their activities like hunting, food gathering etc. You will be surprised to know that some of them are as old as 1000 BC!

Safari at Satpura Tiger Reserve

You can arrange safari ride at Satpura Tiger Reserve where you have an opportunity to watch this amazing big cat in its natural habitat. Usually open jeeps are used for the safari tours. Apart from tiger you can also observe bears, leopards, deer, bison, boar and many more animals. The best time to visit this forest is between October to April.



If you are an adventure lover, then you are going to have a blast at Dhoopgarh. You can enjoy paragliding from this hill with beautiful view of valley below! Cool wind, breathtaking view of valley and thrill of flying can give you a life time experience.

These are just few of many recreational activities you can do at Pachmarhi. You can also do boating, rappelling, rock climbing and a lot more!